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Shattering Your Dreams

May 29th, 2017

              Today on a fun filled episode of The Arms Room we crawled into your heads and ripped out your dream. We went ahead and shattered some common misconceptions that people have about firearms and the "life style" in general. Revolvers are good for killing critters and old west bandits but given almost any semi auto handgun we'll take that 9 times out of 10. We also discussed the infamous 45 vs 9mil argument and shattered that into many small peices. Next up the age old AK vs AR chat, and guess what... they are both great weapons designed for to fulfill certain roles. Be sure to join us next show to hear from the crew of CAPTAC about how to run a small business while maintaining strong family ties.


What gear to use when shooting a gun match

May 22nd, 2017

Today we'll have Bryan from We Plead The 2nd and Russell from in the studio talking with us about the Hard As Hell 2 Gun Match that we all just completed and the specific gear that we used to win.


Cool Guy Gear and should you own it???

May 15th, 2017

              Today on The Arms Room we welcomed back Glen with open arms, yay. Our topic for today was should civilians be able to own night vision, thermals, body armor and Nuclear Weapons. Today was supposed to be an innocent talk about weather or not your average American should own night vision and other Cool Guy gear, it quickly devolved into a conversation about weather or not people should own Nuclear Weapons. The consensus was taht yes they should as long as they can follow the same saftey procedures and storage regulations. Be sure to join us next show as we will have Bryan from We Plead the 2nd and Russell from KE Arms on to talk about the Hard as Hell 2 Gun match. 


My Army Was Harder Than Your Army!!

May 8th, 2017

              Today on a rousing episode of The Arms Room Glen was absent so Mason and John got to fill your ears with their beautiful voices. The topic of today was my Army was harder than your Army and what exactly has changed. John and Mason started out talking about some of the differences between Marine Corps and Army basic training. Next they moved on to the changes in the people who actually attend that training and some of the advances in technology that led to thoes differences. Lastly they finished up by talking about how TRADOC is almostly single handedly destroying the modern US Army. Be sure to join us next show to hear about night vision, suppressors and cool guy gear and why civilians don't really need it... or do they???


InRange TV

May 1st, 2017

               Today on another rousing episode of The Arms Room we had Ian McCollum Karl Kasarda of InRangeTV on the show to talk with us about the direction small arms are taking. They shared with us some of the most important innovations the firearms world has seen in the last 200 years. One with the greatest impact on the developement of modern military tactics and small arms was the developement of the intermediate cartridge. The also talked with us about the development of modern optics and how they have changed the nature of modern warfare. If you havent already be sure to check out their website and check out some of their awesome content. Be sure to join us next show to hear John and Mason talk about how my arms was harder than your army.