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Fighting in a Vehicle

February 6th, 2017

              Today on another rousing episode of The Arms Room Show we had our good friend Cecil on the show to talk with us about a recent class him and Glen attended. The class was VCAST with Craig Douglas of Shivworks or Vehicle Combat and Shooting Tactics. VCAST teaches students the real world application of employing firearms in the confines of your vehicle. Glen talked with us about the effects bullets have on ballistic gel and vehicle windows. Cecil talked with us about some ways to avoid getting shot with your own gun in a combatives situation. Be sure to check out Cecil's company Immediate Action Combatives for some excellent training oppertunities. Tune in next week to hear about some of the essential items that should be included in your bug-out kit.


The Prepper Mindset and whats wrong with it

January 30th, 2017

              Today on another exciting episode of The Arms Room we talked about the prepping mindset and whats wrong with it today. Prepping has transformed from its inception into something "crazy" people do to someting that is becoming more and more common in modern scocity. The problem we see is that the people who do it now seem to only focus on one major event happing. Prepare for as many eventualities as you realistically can but keep in mind it takes a lifetime to truly be an expert. We at The Arms Room also wants to say thank you to FedEx driver Matt Uhrin for stepping in and saving some American Flags from being burned by some hippie pukes this past week. Be sure to tune in next week to hear about handgun combatives and how to avoide getting shot with your own gun.


2017 SHOT Show Review

January 23rd, 2017

              Today on The Arms Room we did our annual SHOT Show Review and shared some of the cooler stuff we saw while there. Aside from the usual AR15 stuff that seems to come around every year there were some truly innovative products out there. Glen's top pick was a glock 19 with the grip cut down to be smaller than a 26 and a spare mag stored on the rail. Check out the company Full Conceal for more details. John's favorite item was a new blast meter from MEDENG. Be sure to join us next show to hear about the problem with the prepper mindset.


Glen’s Border Patrol Ride Along

January 16th, 2017

              Today on The Arms Room we were joined by Agent Paco of U.S. Customs and Border Protection to talk about Glen's expierence on his ride along. Glen had the oppertunity to ride with Border Patrol and to spend some time with their Agents learning what they do on a dailey basis. Glen got to hear some of the individual agents justifications for serving in Border Patrol and what they get out of the job. Agent Paco also talked with us about some of the oppertunities in Border Patrol for people seeking employment. He also mentioned that there are advantages for military veterans durning the application process especially thoes with a secret and TS clearence. Be sure to join us next show to hear our post SHOT show review and find out who scored the most operator points while there.


Poor Firearms Training

January 9th, 2017

On today's show the guys discuss the dangers of poor firarms training, what good training should consist of and the concept of "I've taken a couple days of training, so I'm a body slayer now, right?"


Get A Medkit and Train with it!

January 2nd, 2017

              Happy New Year Arms Room listiners and welcome to 2017. Today on The Arms Room we talked about how New Years resolutions are BS and if you really want to make a change in your life then get off your butt and go do it. Our actual topic was getting out there this year and getting some medical training and a medkit. We discussed the 5 essential items that should be included in every tramua kit. Be sure you get your medical supplies from a reputable dealer like the Tactical Medic. Be sure to join us next show to hear us talk about, "I took a class so im a body slayer" and what kind of training you need to truly be confident in a self defense situation.


Carrying weapons and supplies in your Vehicle

December 26th, 2016

              Today on The Arms Room we rounded out 2016 by talking about the use of weapons from the vehicle and what some of the neccassary supplies are that you should have in said vehicle. Some good options for carry while in a vehicle may seem taboo to some people but appendix carry and even cross draw are viable options. It is also important to keep in mind where you store your weapons if they are staying in the vehicle and what can happen to them in the event of an accident or wreck. Also keep in mind that just because you lock your car doors doesnt mean your weapon is secured, you may want to take a look at some type of vehicle weapon safe for storage. Its been a good year for The Arms Room thank you to all our listiners and be sure to stick with us into 2017. Join us for our first show of the New Year as we talk about our New Years resolution to  get everyone a dam medical kit!


Gun Store Myths!!!

December 19th, 2016

              Today on another exciting episode of The Arms Room we explored the world of gun store myths and made some people really sad. At the start of our show Mason shared his recent expierence shooting the Tuscon 2 Gun Action Match. Competition is a great way to hone your skills andhave some fun at the same time. Some of the highlights from todays episode include the myth that just pumping a shotgun will scare the bad guy away, women can only carry small guns and my personal favorite is taht all gun store salesmen that were in the military know everythig there is to know about firearms. We here at The Arms Room know that gun stores are a necessary part of our world but when possible we avoid them. Be sure to join us next show to hear about carrying a gun while in a vehicle and what you should keep in your vehicle.Have a Merry Christmas and we will see you next time on The Arms Room!


Russell, The Man the Myth the Legend

December 12th, 2016

              Today on The Arms Room we had Russell from KE Arms on to talk with us about the recent Multi-fun match Hard as Hell that him and Glen participated in a few weeks ago. Glen is a big advocate of getting out there and getting involved in shooting sports as a way to keep your skills up. There are too many people out there in the tactical community that trash talk competition shooting whithout actually getting out there and doing it. Don't be afraid to fail in public, shooting competition is a great way to test your skills and to keep existing skills sharp. Russell shared with us some great tips and tricks to competition shooting and how to get involved with it. Be sure to check out KE Arms and some of their fantastic products like their single stage trigger that Russell and Glen ran at Hard as Hell. Be sure to tune in next show to hear us dispell some gun store myths.


Hexmag Reloaded

December 5th, 2016

              Today on another exciting episode of The Arms Room we had the guys from Hexmag back on the show to talk with us about some exciting new products they've got coming out. Jake opened up the show by talking with us about what seperates the gen I from the gen II Hexmags. We also got to hear about their new rail covers that fit M-Lok, Keymod and Picatinny rails. Hexmag also has some new AR grips coming out in the near future so be sure to stay tuned for thoes. Join us next show to hear from our friend Russel about the Hard as Hell match him and Glen shot this past weekend. 


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