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Setting up your modern fighting rifle

August 28th, 2017

In this episode we took a look at the modern fighting rifle, and how to set it up for success. We also covered all the doodads you probably don't need.


Training yourself to Kill Bad Guys

August 21st, 2017

              Today on The Arms Room Show Glen and Mason talked about how to train yourself to kill people who mean you harm. Taking life is no joking matter and the psycology of doing so can get complicated quickly. Why do you carry a firearm? Every morning when you put on your pistol you are accepting that you may need to take a life in order to defend yourself and those you love. Escalation of force isnt just a military term, it applies in the civilian world as well, what changes are the steps you go through and what triggers a jump in those steps. Be sure to join us next show as the guys discuss what makes a fighting rifle and how best to employ it. 


LRK Mechanical on Building a Precision Rifle

August 14th, 2017

              Today on another exciting episode of The Arms Room we had the guys from LRK Mechanical on the show to talk with us about what it takes to build a true precision rifle. They shared with us some of the basic upgrades you can start with to squeeze more accuracy out of your existing rifle, such as a new trigger. They also talked briefly about fixing the issues people have after sending guns in to Youtube gunsmiths and "buddies" who work on guns. If you really want to squeeze as much accuracy out of your rifle as possible then send it into the guys at LRK and they will happily work their dark magic on it. Be sure to join us next show for a very contraversal user requested topic, how to train yourself to kill people.


Ammunition Selection

August 7th, 2017

              Today on The Arms Room we discussed ammunition brands and types and how to make the most of your selection. Ammunition brand can be the difference between spending a day at the range fixing malfunctions or learning valuable lessons. Glen shared some of his favorite match grade ammunitions such as Federal Premium and Prime. We discussed some of the ammunition we use for an average day at the range such as Wolf Gold and ASYM. The show ended with the realization that with few exceptions we all use Federal ammunition in both our long guns and handguns. Be sure to join us next show to hear from the folks at LRK Mechanical about what it takes to build a true percision rifle.